The Nanny Loft Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit, Nanny Agency), provides free or reduced-cost respite childcare to foster parents and other underserved families in the community. With the help of The Nanny Loft Foundation, these families will have free access to the same high-quality, trusted childcare providers that serve The Nanny Loft’s clientele.  

Meet Dilia Coppedge.

In June of 2016, The Nanny Loft & The Nanny Loft Foundation were born! They are two separate entities working for one cause... to help families find quality/safe in-home childcare. A portion of the placement fees from The Nanny Loft are donated into the Foundation, which then raises monies to provide reduced or free respite care for underserved families.

As a passionate child advocate and a loving mother to two young girls, founder Dilia Coppedge has continued to search for more opportunities to protect and support the children in her community. As a past nanny and current Child Protection case worker, she implements her knowledge, skill and experience to match families with their childcare professional. 


The Nanny Loft Foundation Is a Combination of Two Major Experiences in My Life: 

1. not entrusting just anyone with my children 2. completing proper background screenings for in-home childcare providers.  

The Challenge.

As a child protection worker, many of my families have one thing in common... when asked who can they call at 3am in an emergency... 90% answer respond, "no one"! We want to help with the transition when it becomes overwhelming for the Angels who opened their homes to our most vulnerable children.

The Opportunity.

1. provide quality in-home respite childcare for all underserved families! 2. reduce trauma for these children and educate the common nanny on child welfare topics and have them provide respite care for foster families. 3. decrease the need for parents to have to make default decisions, which may not be the best solutions. 4. end cycles of abuse, abandonment and neglect.  


"In addition to filling a definite need in my new city matching families and nannies, what impressed me even more about Dilia and The Nanny Loft was that one of the driving factors for her opening her agency was her desire to help needy families through her nonprofit organization, The Nanny Loft Foundation. She's not just out to make a profit. Helping these families is made possible by funneling profits from her traditional placement agency."

Jill Ciganek,

Join Our Mission

Safe Sitter®  

Safe Sitter® classes prepare students in grades 6-12 to be safe when they're home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting. We deposit portions from every Safe Sitter® application into The Nanny Loft Foundation.

Stream Cares

We can help you lower your energy bill. On our end, any commission earned from this partnership is deposited into The Nanny Loft Foundation.


In an effort to raise respite hours for families, we have created an amazon smile account where 0.5% of your Amazon purchase will go towards the foundation.

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